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We are a full-service of naval architecture, marine engineering and marine survey located in British Columbia, Canada. We provide our clients with worldwide services. We specialize in the design, construction and/or repair of ships, boats, yacht, other marine vessels, and offshore structures for both commercial and private. We provide the ultimate promise of a safe, economic, environmentally sound and seaworthy design product. 



Naval architecture 

  • Designing ships and boats, related components and speciality equipment, that complies with safety regulations;
  • Planning the construction process of a vessel, managing from concept and all the way to delivery;
  • Acting as a consultant for :
    • Engineering solutions, technical and commercial guidance;
    • Support & management for concept design studies;
    • New vessel constructions, refits and conversions;
    • Undertaking maritime research in universities and industry partners;
    • Risk analysis of ships and marine structures;
    • Assess aspects of design such as strength, stability and safety;
    • Provide onboard safety training for ships crews (For safety management system);
    • Solve problems affecting the financial aspects of maritime operations. 

Marine Surveys

We provide surveys on behalf of private and commercial clients. Our main goal is your safety. We pay attention to details and search thoroughly for any defaults during out of water or onboard survey. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have anytime before, during and after your Marine Survey. We understand you want to be safe and to protect your investment. We are committed to provide a detailed and easy to read written report. Our services are promptly provided on a 24 hrs/day 7 days/week basis at your convenience.

Our expertise in marine surveying, safety inspection, ship design and building has served many client such as :

·         Vard Marine Inc.,

·         STX Marine Inc.,

·         Transport Canada Marine Safety

·         Conmarke USA, Inc, 

·         Guido Perla & Associates,

·         Elliot Bay Design Group,

·         Strom Engineering of Florida. Inc,

·         Litton, Avondale Industries Inc,

·         Kvaerner Masa Marine Inc,

·         Axton Manufacturing Ltd,

·         Peter S. Hatfield Ltd,

·         Catamaran Ferry International,

·         Comfact Engineering and Marine Design,

·         Alabama Shipyard,

·         Navtech Inc,

·         MIL Davie,

 ·         STAN

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